Cash Flow

Cash is Indeed King in Financial Planning

While it doesn’t get the headlines that some other financial planning topics get, there is little that is more important than household cash flow.

With cash flow in a favorable position, you are able to:

  • Maximize retirement contributions
  • Pay down or eliminate debt
  • Save for college
  • Vacation
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to build a sound future for your family

When there is more cash going out of the house than there is coming in, well, there’s work to do. Our household cash flow tells an experienced planner volumes about a client’s financial life.

We will consistently refer to a cash flow study as a way to guide us through discussions on every financial planning topic imaginable. It will help us to see what tools we may be able to employ to address various situations, it will help us plan investments in a prudent manner, and it will help us to update and maintain our comprehensive planning process as conditions change over time.

While other advisers may not be too interested in household cash flow, logic tells us that cash flow is the key to building an approach that fits the individual needs of a client. Call us to talk about how a cash flow study can open the door to a successful financial plan.

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