Creating a Personal and Purpose-based Investment Plan

With many brokers and advisors, a client gets a piece of a portfolio that their company recommends. This portfolio does not acknowledge the client’s feelings on their investment choices and is nothing more than a misdirected means to an end. This would be the equivalent of going to a doctor who prescribed the same treatment to all patients, no matter the ailment. It is simply not rational that we would accept this, yet people accept this management of their finances. August Wealth Management seeks to have meaningful, constructive and open dialogue as a way to learn more about the individual client before making any investment plan recommendations.

Through this dialogue, we will arrive at a mutual decision on what feels comfortable for an overall asset allocation, striking the appropriate balance between putting assets into growth securities and preserving assets with fixed income securities. August Wealth Management doesn’t choose investments strictly based on whether the security is value or growth based, foreign or domestic, large cap or small cap, mutual fund or stock. We choose what works for the client. The important component in this process is to understand that each type of holding has a specific, definable purpose.

It is typical to reduce the level of risk that is acceptable to a portfolio as the client approaches retirement in recognition of the shorter timeframe at which a holding can recover from the expected ups and downs of the market. The rate at which a portfolio’s risk is reduced is tied to each client’s specific circumstances. August Wealth Management tailors each portfolio to the individual client and operates with the firm belief that portfolios must be constructed to suit the client, not the advisor. To get a better understanding of how August Wealth Management’s client oriented investment philosophies can benefit you, contact us.

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