Late Retirement

Continuing to Adhere to the Disciplines that Brought Success

Much of your planning has now come to fruition at this point in life. You’re able to enjoy time with your family and have the privilege of being a source of guidance to multiple generations. While mortality is a thread in many conversations for those deeper in the retirement stage, it is by no means any more important now than it was in previous stages. In this stage of life, you now have the ability to spend time on yourself and focus on what you find enjoyable about life.

But we’re not going to stop our planning, as we will likely focus on the following:

  • Updating wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other possible estate planning documents
  • Enhancing communication with others in our lives so that they know your financial wishes
  • Creative ways of leaving a legacy gift to a non-profit
  • Crafting a family educational tool for future schooling needs
  • Addressing present and future living situations and evaluating assisted living options if needed

Keeping a focus on the overall plan as life throws curve-balls will be needed. August Wealth Management will work with you to proactively address the changes that later life will undoubtedly bring, while remaining flexible enough to react to unexpected changes that will benefit all involved. The guidance that August Wealth Management can offer during these emotional changes in life is invaluable. Please contact us so that we may assist with these complex life topics.

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