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With the demands of our daily lives, it is difficult to devote sufficient time and energy to the task of writing and addressing those issues on our financial “to do” list. While we would all strongly agree that sufficient planning for the future is critical, too few act on this premise. August Wealth Management, LLC was created to assist everyday people in finding comfort in their financial situation, and building an individualized, purpose based plan for the future. Wealth management is not simply for those who have massive amounts of wealth. It is a financial planning ideal based on creating and maintaining levels of wealth for individuals and families.

Our Core Ideals

August Wealth Management is owned by Scott Whytock, a Certified Financial Planner™ who lives in Scarborough with his two sons, William and Thomas. This firm was founded with the understanding that the building blocks of financial planning, which include investments, estate planning, retirement planning, taxes, educational planning, and risk management are all equally important to a client’s future. To ignore one pillar weakens the entire financial planning structure. Scott’s dedication to his profession and clients is exemplified through his education. While his work experience has been focused and intense, his educational background is equally strong. Scott attained the Certified Financial Planner™, or CFP®, designation to heighten his knowledge of the vast field of financial planning. The CFP® designation is known to be the gold standard in this business and involves countless hours of study, a rigorous set of exams, and continuing education requirements coupled with a high standard of ethics to which all who use the marks must adhere. For more information, please go to www.cfp.net.

What many “financial advisers” cannot comprehend is that to be successful in this field, you must understand the client first before all else. The successful relationships have little to do with positive investment returns and flashy presentations. It comes in understanding who your client is. Not just what they say, but what they don’t say. Success is finding out what they value, what is important to them in their daily lives, how they think and react to others, and how to effectively communicate with them as they would like to be communicated with. Too often we communicate with others in a method that works for us, not in a method that is received well by the other party. To recommend solutions or products without first having a complete and total understanding who sits across from you is a failure on the part of the adviser. Knowing a client and relating to a client is where August Wealth Management does its best work and we invite you to see for yourself.

Scott Whytock


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