Dealing with Planning in a Sensitive Fashion

You can see the goal in the distant future now. Generally at this point in your lives, you’ve got your plan and it is being executed and altered due to unforeseen circumstances. Children are leaving or have left the house and, while it may take some getting used to, you’re entering into a wonderful phase of life that many come to enjoy more than they thought possible.

But as we continue through life, changes occur for which we must account:

  • Parents are aging and may be needing care on a periodic or regular basis
  • Investment allocations are likely to be less aggressive than they used to be
  • College funding is a present concern possibly causing new levels of debt and cash flow demand
  • It becomes increasingly important to manage retirement plans appropriately
  • Develop and enhance charitable interests
  • Take advantage of the fact that earning power is at or near its highest point

As in all other phases of our lives, the changes continue and new concerns arise. We’re watching our parents age and our children mature at the same time. Not only are we likely concerned about their well-being, but clearly concerned for our own as well. It’s important to note that you’ve got help and resources out there that can work with and appreciate your individual hopes and fears. August Wealth Management can be your partner in these times by developing personalized, dynamic, and on-going solutions to any situation.

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