Retirement Planning

Let Us Guide You Through All the Points to Consider

As you approach retirement, the longevity of your assets becomes a question. We know that there is no guarantee that your assets will be enough to support the lifestyle that you envision having after you have retired. August Wealth Management can assist you in evaluating your current status in various ways. Unlike television commercials will have you believe, there is no quick answer to this question. How could there be? Doing a retirement analysis is a series of projections and estimates that seeks to put a figure on a moving target that can’t be defined. With uncertainty in all areas of our retired lives, including health, investment returns, family conditions, and more, we simply cannot come to one single figure that shows if we win or lose the game.

Instead, we make a series of projections, changing some of the rules of the game as we move along a varying timeline to get an overall likelihood of reaching our defined goals successfully. August Wealth Management will bring reason to a potentially confusing process.

Whether you are approaching retirement, or are already enjoying your retirement, August Wealth Management can help you to understand where your assets are in relation to your goals.

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