Risk Management

Protecting What You’ve Worked to Build

While many of us complain about the costs and wonder why we have it at times, no financial planning tool can be more critical to maintaining the validity of a financial plan than insurance. Countless times, people have said how they couldn’t imagine maneuvering through an unexpected trauma without some level of insurance to help them land on their feet. Whether a health scare, auto accident, house fire, or other event; the proper types and levels of insurances can allow a family to focus on each other’s wellbeing rather than the finances when dealing with a personal misfortune.

August Wealth Management can assist in evaluating which of the following types of insurances may be appropriate for you and your family:

  • Life insurances, term or whole life
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Auto and Home Policy Evaluations
  • Health Insurance

Insurances can either enhance or protect a family’s wealth. Life insurance allows a small premium paid during a person’s lifetime to turn into a large death benefit at his or her passing and instantly increases a family’s wealth while protecting the financial viability of the remaining family members. Life insurance can also be a highly beneficial way of creating a legacy gift to a charitable cause that holds a high level of importance to the insured person.

Other insurances, such as disability and long term care insurance, provide a benefit to the insured to offset the loss of income or account for increased health care needs. Each is essential in drastically reducing the erosion of personal assets during a situation of reduced income or drastically increased expenses because of an unplanned health situation. Deciding on the type of insurances needed can be overwhelming so please contact August Wealth Management so that we can make prudent choices that will cover all of the interwoven aspect of your financial plan.

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