Plan Rollovers

Keeping Your Retirement Plans Under Your Control

As we move through our working lives, we have many retirement plans.  From 401(k)'s to 403(b)'s to TSP's and more; these are important components to our future retirement, yet they are often  neglected.  If you made your investment choices years ago and haven't updated them, you're not alone.  August Wealth Management can help.

Issues we can assist you with:

  • Understanding what your current retirement plan does for you
  • Discovering options for your plan after you've left your employer
  • Updating your beneficiaries and coordinating with your estate plan
  • Explaining why you might want to consider placing your retirement plan funds into a rollover IRA account
  • Creating and managing an integrated investment plan that includes all of your investable assets

Many times individuals are thinking about caring for their financial plans it is because they are leaving their employer for a better opportunity or because they've been laid off.  Either way, there are a lot of considerations to make during this time.  August Wealth Management has extensive experience in working with 401(k) plans from the corporate world, 403(b) plans from a non-profit, or a thrift savings plan (TSP) from a government entity; August Wealth Management can give you peace of mind and guide you through this process.

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